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A staircase in the kitchen? …Very well!

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A staircase in the kitchen? …Very well! it has been modified: 2022-06-03 di jessica zannori

The scale is a structural element that communicates movement, free, freedom. Perhaps this is why it is often used to decorate photo shoots and television studios.

From the famous steps of the Sanremo Festival at the scale of the David Letterman Show, just pause a moment to find out that there is a world of stairs in our TV!

A few days ago began the second edition of Very Well, lucky cooking show broadcast on Real Time each day and led by Benedetta Parodi.

The scale that makes the set a perfect reconstruction of a modern and stylish loft is one of Techne Fontanot. Bright and design, the Techne is the first scale in the world totally made of a compound of polymers reinforced with glass fiber.

Which means that, once abandoned, the scale will be completely recyclable: Very Good!

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