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Titian by Rubinetterie Stella at Disney's Hotel New York in Paris

Titian by Rubinetterie Stella at Disney's Hotel New York in Paris it has been modified: 2022-04-24 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

The Titian collection by Rubinetterie Stella has been chosen for the Parisian Manhattan.

The Hotel New York, located inside the Disneyland Paris theme park, is a 4-star hotel with swimming pool and spa, the “home” of Marvel superheroes. With an architecture that recalls the luxurious buildings of Manhattan, the hotel also proposes itself as an art gallery. In fact, 350 works by 110 international artists are exhibited in the hall and in the other common areas, whose protagonists are the heroes created by Stan Lee.

On the occasion of its recent renovation, the New York has chosen the Titian series by Rubinetterie Stella for its bathrooms. The collection, which was designed by architect Michele De Lucchi and which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary, is characterized by a pyramidal structure with concentric circles and owes its name to the pronunciation of the Chinese ideogram that defines geometrically perfect terraces. of rice cultivation. A faucet with a strong plastic rendering and a slender, light and elegant shape that fits perfectly with the New York architecture of the Marvel world.

Titian, in addition to guaranteeing high performance and exceptional intrinsic properties, as is the case with all Stella products, testifies to the company's vocation not only for the production of classic style taps, but also for a stylistic innovation capable of challenging the passage of time. .

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