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RETURN TO NATURAL with the Bauxt armored in CORTEN

RETURN TO NATURAL with the Bauxt armored in CORTEN it has been modified: ‭2018-02-09 di Design R. editorial staff

The 2018 design is a hymn to nature, from the colors to the materials used. Bauxt chooses Corten for its armored doors: a particular type of material, with a "lived" and rusty effect, given by the natural corrosion of its surface.

The armored doors of the Bauxt company, which has always been synonymous with safety and aesthetics, are clad in a steel that is loved by the world of architecture, thanks to its strong expressive character and its particular predisposition in terms of resistance: the Corten. This gives the entrance door a high durability, which combines with the charm given by the ancient "rust-colored" effect.

Not only that, this type of material, born in industrial environments and currently used by architects and designers as a design element, ensures an improvement in the mechanical properties of 30% compared to traditional steel. The effect obtained on the Bauxt armored doors is that of a burnished surface, with different chromatic facets that vary in tone with the years and the external environments.

The natural appearance of the steel that "lives and self-protects", the characteristic color deriving from the natural oxidation of the surface, makes Corten's armored doors perfect for insertion into natural environments, mixing with the colors of the earth, wood and trees. For the entry of the house, a perfect example of integration between architecture and landscape.

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