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Umarelle, the "Michelin Guide" of Italian construction companies, is born

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Umarelle, the "Michelin Guide" of Italian construction companies, is born it has been modified: 2024-06-06 di aaapress

How many of us, when tackling renovation work on our own home, have not found ourselves having to make an infinite series of choices, starting from that of the company to which to entrust the job, without having any expertise in the construction sector, in architecture and design? How many difficulties then had to be overcome to deal with the most disparate difficulties: from the electrical system to the plumbing system, from decoration to the choice of materials? How useful would it have been to be able to identify without fail the right suppliers to whom we could entrust the work, eliminating all worries from our minds?

They started from these premises, born from direct experiences lived first-hand Benito Malaspina, Francesco Rubert and Maurizio Chisu, founding members of of dwelling, the first Italian company founded in 2001 to simplify the management and valorisation of real estate assets.

They chose to give it the joking and slightly irreverent name of Umarelle (, from the term umarèll coined on the web in 2005 to identify the elderly man who stares at construction sites with his hands clasped behind his back.

"In reverse – say the founders of the brand –  Umarelle presents itself as a digital platform capable of helping its users search for partners to entrust with the renovation of their home, so as to make the construction site experience a creative, positive and even fun moment".

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The main aim of Umarelle is therefore to identify the best construction companies on the market and evaluate them with a accreditation and rating system in order to offer a clearer vision to those who need to undertake work in their home. A sort of "Michelin Guide" dedicated to restructuring which assigns three awards of increasing value to companies in the sector based on predefined parameters: the bronze, silver and gold Umarell, in line with the light and light-hearted tone of voice chosen specifically for the brand's communication. But what are these parameters?

All companies that decide to register in Umarelle can obtain the bronze Umarèll in recognition of providing the platform with a detailed level of information about the company. During registration, the company can see the scores associated with each piece of information entered. If he reaches 20 points, the Bronze Umarèll will be his. The registration questionnaire includes mandatory questions, which allow users to find companies that meet their needs, and optional questions, which serve to describe the company even more completely and to increase the level of transparency of the sector, such as existence of a website, the habit of working directly with the end customer or subcontracted, images of work carried out, types of renovations carried out.

Companies that, in addition to the bronze Umarèll, obtain verified reviews or positive reports from customers or external designers, will also obtain the silver one. It is a way to reward the commitment of companies that stand out for the quality of their work and the trust they manage to generate. The reviews take into account four parameters: price, quality, timing and overall final result and can be reported as verified if the user provides proof of service. An AI control system checks reviews before publication and requires manual approval if negative. 

The highest recognition is theGolden Umarèll: the Umarelle team will contact companies that have obtained the silver Umarell to evaluate them according to three specific parameters: professionalism, transparency and experience in the sector. They constitute, for example, a title of merit being on the market for several years, having a standardized metric calculation to estimate intervention times and costs, the existence of well-defined organizational processes and ordered for the start-up and management of the construction site and the related documentation. Only the best will receive the highest rating. In this way, companies that contribute to improving the construction sector will be rewarded with greater visibility on the platform, and at the same time, users looking for a construction company to work with will be able to find greater clarity and guidance. in their research.

Umarelle in this way completes and integrates the work of the home whose mission is to make the real estate market transparent and objective in all its aspects. Furthermore the data collected will integrate the section of the home suite dedicated to future scenarios, providing a tangible and updated idea on the costs of regenerating properties.

“In particular – explain the founders – thanks to Umarelle we will be able to create a database of accredited companies through which to monitor the trends of the construction market and offer users of the home suite a constantly updated overview of the costs of renovation works”.

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