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Platek lights for the Dream & Charme Crystal Suite

Crystal Suite dream and charm
Crystal Suite dream and charm
Platek lights for the Dream & Charme Crystal Suite it has been modified: 2016-09-19 di Barbara Milini

Among the green hills of Monferrato, Dream & Charme signs the first Italian Crystal Suite in which sustainability, design, technology and nature come together to perfection in 70 square meters of luxury style home.

The uniqueness of the project and the high quality of its components make it possible to offer guests every comfort in the name of the top design: lighting Platek, Solar panels Solbian, Green energy Wekiwi, kitchen Boffi, Color therapy sauna Effegibi and complements signed Cassina.

To light up the first Crystal Suite, Platek proposes solutions with high performance and excellent environmental harmonization and great aesthetic pleasure. The result is a lighting design that can enhance outdoor spaces, creating a conceptual continuum between indoor, outdoor and nature, Already highlighted by large glass walls and the use of materials such as wood and natural stone.

Thanks to the use of extremely versatile products ideal for any style and design requirement, light travels, entrances and relaxation areas. The target thus obtained is a harmonious concept, certainly spectacular, capable of providing a magical atmosphere and at the same time modern and dynamic.

Platek products in the Crystal Suite

The projectors nano XL e 1200 Mini Small discretely accompany the surroundings of the house and highlight the trees.

The stakes Nail They are positioned at different heights in the bushes in order to create an elegant and contemporary setting along the entrance.

The sliding beams Hexagon They offer a safe and variable same path, with the ability to direct the light where you need it and the opportunity to create special effects from every perspective.

The lamps ethereal, Minimalist reinterpretation of traditional lanterns, give a pleasant and soft light to leisure areas, ensuring privacy and relaxation where and when desired.

Even the stands Flamingo follow the requirements of the guests of the house, illuminating in a sober and graceful outer table during summer dinners or simply moving the lamp, giving light to the chaise longue on the wooden patio.






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