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The unique technology of Clap! 3D by Déco meets the classic pose par excellence: the Italian herringbone, for environments with a retro charm

The unique technology of Clap! 3D by Déco meets the classic pose par excellence: the Italian herringbone, for environments with a retro charm it has been modified: 2021-11-25 di Vincenti Volonté Communication

Déco, always ready to anticipate architectural trends, enriches the Clap! 3D sustainable interior coverings proposal, made of stone powder and polymers, with the most classic Italian herringbone stave, to offer a solution with a timeless charm.
An laying method which favors contemporary taste while looking to the past: inspired by the streets of ancient Rome for the right-angled arrangement of its rectangular strips, the Italian spine has been a symbol of refined elegance since the seventeenth century.

Today, the new version of Clap! 3D presented in the color "Pinna" satisfies the desire to create environments in which tradition and innovation coexist within a current aesthetic vision.

Clap! 3D by Déco masterfully represents the natural wood typical of herringbone laying through slats that faithfully reproduce its shape, veins, fibers, knots, synchronizing the visual sphere with the tactile one in an experience of great effect that equals the effect of parquet to the sight and touch. The stave, with its skilfully studied texture and material effects, is three-dimensional, resistant, very thin (only 6 millimeters), extremely practical and with superior performance compared to natural wood and stoneware.

A great classic that adapts to today's attention to the environment: Clap! 3D is a composite eco friendly, given its formulation in mineral powder combined with the polymeric component, which uses 100% recyclable materials in compliance with the regulations on ecology, health and safety.
A choice that allows to achieve unparalleled strength and unique performance to ensure very high performance, while maintaining the protection of the planet.

In addition, the slats are provided with a built-in acoustic mat, for a total thickness of 6mm, laid dry on the screed or on the existing floor for an advantageous acoustic insulation and a high level of impact sound absorption. All without the use of adhesives.

Clap! 3D is an antibacterial solution, with very high resistance to abrasion, scratches and bumps, with a closed-pore surface that prevents the absorption of any type of stain.
The total absence of joints between the slats makes it immune to moisture infiltration and therefore suitable for high-traffic humid residential and commercial environments.

The cleaning it does not require special precautions, simple and fast, a non-abrasive detergent is sufficient.

Its advantages are also present with the installation carried out with the floating U-Click waterproof interlocking system between the planks. A simple and intuitive solution that makes installation quicker and therefore cheaper.
Installation on radiant panels is possible, as Clap! 3D absorbs and diffuses heat much faster than stoneware.

Architects and interior designers can create unique atmospheres capable of satisfying a request that was impossible until today: having the same charm, warmth, tactile sensation and living experience of parquet, intact over time, for warm and safe, efficient and practical environments, respecting the ecosystem .

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