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The movement is on the walls, with GYM Agena

The movement is on the walls, with GYM Agena it has been modified: 2016-10-08 di engardagiordani

With the arrival of shooting sport, for fans or for gyms Agena It proposes GYM, poster energetic decor with refined colors and shaded drawings.

Typically the arrival also coincides with the resumption of sports activities, find the right motivation is not always easy, Agena offers a wallpaper available as posters, in two different sizes, the collection Sport Chic, whose name recalls its the graphic motif that distinguishes it: GYM. The perfect combination of passion for the sport and the charm of an ideal decorative element for renewing environments, rooms and gyms.

If it is true, therefore, that "whoever gets off to a good start is half done", we must not leave the business unfinished, but remain motivated even when the initial enthusiasm begins to fade; and with GYM on the walls, the desire for movement is assured over time.

Furnishing with posters guarantees a strong aesthetic effect and ease of installation. GYM panels are available in two rectangular formats, GYM S with dimensions 136 × 207 and GYM L, set of 2 rolls, measuring 105 × 320 m, to adapt to both smaller and larger spaces. Very characteristic, GYM is proposed in a single color variant, which ranges in shades of dove gray and cream, presenting designs that have a strong reference to artistic gymnastics without being taken for granted. Accompanying these references are the flowers, ton sur ton and in contrast, which make it lively without being intrusive, enhancing its features in a play of light / dark.




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