Experience nature at its purest, lodging in a micro-hotel

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Experience nature at its purest, lodging in a micro-hotel it has been modified: 2024-05-20 di Daniela Seminara de-IN TRY

DROP-IN by TRY, is one of the three winning projects of the design competition organized by Urban Square + o-cults and Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura (curator). It is a new concept of micro-hotel-architecture that responds to three principles: removable, organic, eco-friendly.

Microarchitecture DROP will soon be published in the new catalog of Urban Square, a company which sells new types of system-urban.

DROP eco-hotel is a new way to enjoy a holiday in style "travel and leisure”, Is formed by a basic modular cell that installs in the ground with minimal intervention. Made up mainly of modular elements of steel, wood and polycarbonate, its main function is to respond in an eco-compatible and aesthetically attractive way to the emerging demand for 'light architecture', offering the possibility of staying in natural contexts and protected green spaces such as woods, beaches, mountains, etc., but without causing those indelible impacts on the territory, typical of traditional permanent tourist installations.

Drop removable

Microarchitecture DROP is composed of modular elements that permit the construction of units of different sizes for different needs and types of users.

Its design and its transversal 'teardrop' morphology offer a versatile and organic space, giving the possibility of organizing more or less spacious living modules, simply by adding continuous modular rings to the end of the central cylinder.

The structure can be installed without creating permanent foundations, in fact it is placed on the ground by means of adjustable feet and therefore remaining raised above the ground. The outer shell of the cylindrical central structure can be covered with different materials according to the best compatibility with the natural space. In this sense, we have envisaged a solution with wood and polycarbonate sheets, integrated with photovoltaic cells in film for a minimum energy supply. An external rainwater collection system provides non-potable water for bathroom use.

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The minimum unit DROP provides distinct living areas furnished for use: living area (living room), open terrace (main entrance), sleeping area (bed, wardrobe), bathroom (sink, toilet, tub / shower). This minimal solution can be expanded to include a kitchen area or an additional sleeping area.

Drop planos

Two semi-domed systems in wood and polycarbonate complete the cylindrical structure at the end, acting as windows. While one grants access to the living room and looks like a sort of automated canopy, the other window on the rear balcony acts as a panoramic window, transforming the bathroom into a small open-air spa if necessary.

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A new concept of luxury in the hospitality sector in natural areas has begun to drive an important change, and not only at the level of new architectural solutions that are increasingly lighter and integrated with the environment, but also at the level of services offered. The experience that the user of these new architectures seeks is an original offer consistent with his values, and that goes from the choice of the place (location, geological, meteorological, fauna, etc.), to the type of 'package- experiences related to the natural context where he chose to stay temporarily.

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DROP eco-hotel wants to respond to a growing tourist demand by offering: sustainable architecture, ecological interior design and an authentic experience.

In line with current trends in the world of hospitality and tourist hospitality, DROP eco-hotel offers eco-tourists a sort of 'comfortable refuge to camp' in the middle of unspoiled nature. A 'cabana de diseño' for those who want to enjoy nature in its pure state, without causing a negative impact on the environment and at the same time enjoying a responsible, functional and comfortable design.

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