Villa Ravino: green design in Ischia

Villa Ravino
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Eco-sustainable architecture and conscious tourism in Ischia: this is how the b & b Villa Ravino has become an example of excellence in green tourism.

THEisland of Ischia has always welcomed millions of tourists and travelers who come to discover it every year from around the world, a true Italian treasure from the point of view of nature, culture and food and wine.

Who was born and lives in Ischia always feels a strong bond with the land and with its own traditions, in full awareness that tourism, very important for the local economy, have to respect the environment and the ecosystem within of which it is inserted. A deep love and concern for what nature has created here, the constant respect for their island and its balance: all these elements have enabled the development of a green mentality, which has also been applied in the design and architecture of structures local tourism, to offer its customers a unique experience and a new way to experience the holiday in Ischia, in perfect harmony with the island's ecosystem.

Ravino, residence and b & b located in Forio d'Ischia, is a very welcoming family-run structure that has made the principles of eco-sustainability the basis of its structure, both from the point of view of architecture and design, and from the point of view from a management point of view. An evocative resort that enchants visitors, surrounded by a splendid botanical garden of succulents among the most important in Europe.

Luca D'amra, Manager of the structure together with the rest of the D'Ambra family, explains how he managed to create this splendid example of eco-sustainable design and architecture.  

What makes Villa Ravino an eco-sustainable? What made you bring this green philosophy?

As good islanders are deeply in love and in harmony with our island, we are very grateful for the good fortune we have to live and work in a unique ecosystem like this and we do not want to damage it in any way. Mass tourism is likely to be a danger to the preservation of the environment and only through a commitment to adopt a lifestyle more sustainable we can do our part and keep intact the beauty of Ischia. Opt for architectural solutions and sustainable design not only good for the environment, but is also an advantage for the company itself, which saves and manages the most of internal resources it already has, without having to look outside. The decision to follow a more green in the management of Villa Ravino was born from the desire to find the perfect balance between nature and tourism, so as to ensure the best of both worlds.

What are the actions that you have put into practice to achieve in practice the principles of environmental sustainability?

The basic starting point is surely the constant attention to the theme of recycling: nothing is wasted or thrown, anything can find a new feature or a new use. Thanks to the solar panels we can produce clean energy, thanks to organic waste we create the compost used for garden and kitchen garden, from which we take the vegetables we use in the kitchen: organic food at zero kilometers, for us and for our guests.

We are attentive to eco-sustainability not only with regard to the structure and design, but also with regard to daily life and the practical management of the bed & breakfast, such as the choice of using organic detergents and detergents, which limit the minimum pollution. Sometimes it doesn't take much to do your part, you don't need incredible things and everyone can make a difference.

Where does the choice of creating a botanical garden attached to the business?

In addition to the small details that we put every day in the green of our management structure, we have chosen to create a botanical garden of succulent plants (cacti), now the largest in Europe for variety and size, in part because of the love of my father to these plants and in part to the important role they have in air purification: they are low maintenance plants, rather easy to grow and require little water, an important part if you want to avoid unnecessary wastage of water resources. The park occupies an area of ​​6.000 square, attracting many tourists and enthusiasts who come here to discover the wonders of Ischia: Villa Ravino is a perfect example of how a sustainable solution is always possible, an acknowledgment that responsible tourism can and must become the main focus of the industry.

giuseppe Dambra Ravino

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