The Green Idea: the sustainable design leading to toBEeco 2013

The Green Idea: the sustainable design leading to toBEeco 2013 it has been modified: 2013-02-20 di Benedict Flowers

toBEecoThe project Expocasa born with the aim of involve designers and companies that focus on eco-compatibility, based on the three guidelines of ECOnomy of the project, ECOlogy of the process and ECOmultifunctionality of the product, reaches its fourth edition. And it does so in the year in which Expocasa turns fifty. The event is held at Lingotto Fiere di Torino from 2 to 10 March  and is organized by GL events Italian-Lingotto Fiere.

Even in 2013 toBEeco retains its double soul of exposure and competition: Designers, architects, designers, planners and companies have the opportunity to exhibit with objects already in production - which can be purchased directly by visitors - and to present a new project to assist in the selection.

For designers, therefore, a unique opportunity to emerge, measure of market opportunities and to create new synergies with operators and manufacturers in the industry. The requirement to be in the competition is the relevance to the theme chosen for the 2013 edition:  SURPRISE ME! An invocation and a request at the same time: proposals must have the ability to uncover the secret of everyday things, the potential uses hidden in everyday objects, those closest. The surprise will be the more successful will be the unexpected change of perspective than usual. The challenge - conceived by + 39DesignManagement - is all in giving new meaning and new function to things, And its keywords are: close, simple, sustainable.

The fourth edition of toBEeco also proposed a major conference on the theme of national scope of design for women, Organized in collaboration with ArchiE20: some famous designers will bring their personal experience, telling what it means for a woman today to be a designer, what are the necessary requirements to be successful and the difficulties they have had to face.

Also new this year, finally,  Tour, entitled The secrets of production, guided visits to leading companies in the design sector and workshops, organized in collaboration with the Turin Chamber of Commerce, on the issues of copyright and eco-packaging. To participate in scheduled appointments, simply register on the site, In the Events section.

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