Advertising on vertical gardens

Advertising on vertical gardens it has been modified: 2011-11-15 di jessica zannori

Vertical gardens are a fragment of concentrated nature, they contribute to improving the environmental quality and increasing the biodiversity of cities. Each garden attracts attention with its color, with its freshness and with the contrast with other urban elements. Their presence generates media coverage beyond the advertising banner. The integration of local herbs and aromatic plants in vertical gardens can completely change the perception of the environment of a particular area of ​​the city. In events like the Battalla green, The urban gardens

may be associated with the creation of vertical gardens. In big cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the vertical gardens they are the necessary element to create natural areas in places with very limited spaces. Urbanarbolismo is developing the urban biodiversity network project for the improvement of the urban environment through vertical gardens, plants and scenic shows. The spaces created by the network must be specially designed and located to create a fabric of nature in the urban space, which allows the insertion of new plant and animal species. Vertical gardens are the most visible elements of this network, they will occupy strategic points and will have an informative character.



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