Packaging Oscar won by Goglio with the active packaging GTea

GTEA Goglio Oscar 2015 Ipackima Packaging Expo
Packaging Oscar won by Goglio with the active packaging GTea it has been modified: 2015-05-28 di RedOffice

A project-oriented environment allows the attention to Goglio, packaging specialist, to win the Oscar for Packaging 2015;

the award ceremony for the GTea project, active packaging with green tea extract, took place on the afternoon of May 20, 2015 during the Ipack-Ima Fair at FieraMilano. He received the Osvaldo Bosetti Award, Converting R&D Chemical Director in Goglio.

GTea, "the ally more active packaging", taking advantage of the natural anti-radical properties of catechin, acts on the oxidation process which are subject foods packaged in flexible packaging, improving shelf life and enhancing properties and organoleptic characteristics of the products. The result of the research project Safemtech developed with the University of Zaragoza and the patronage of the European Community, with GTea Goglio is proposed as a carrier of innovation and environmentally friendly, especially, ethics: the extreme availability of green tea, combined to its low cost, make the material easily accessible to all economies.

Goglio is present among other things, dall'1 31 May to October, Expo Milano 2015 in Hall "Cibus is Italy" to tell and share with every visitor values, history and heritage of a family that takes care of packing more than 165 years, because a food is not packaged, unprotected or poorly preserved food is lost. The company's slogan is: "Less packaging, more product: packaging, technology and innovation".

Thanks to other projects the green Goglio Group, specialist in packaging, won the Oscar of packaging in different editions; among the most recent, in 2011 with ecological bottle of EcoTruck of Iberemec and 2013 with "Fres-co Green", an integrated packaging 100% compostable and environmentally friendly in 360 °. On that occasion Goglio had won the prestigious award in the special section 'Technology', distinguished by their characteristics of pack entirely made up of materials and components that biodegrade almost completely within 180 days.

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