Lotus by Giancarlo Zema, Eco-urban design with photovoltaic technology

Lotus by Giancarlo Zema, Eco-urban design with photovoltaic technology it has been modified: 2011-07-08 di Benedetto Fiori

Lotus by Giancarlo Zema by LumineXence is the first modular system of Eco-urban with photovoltaic technology.
As a large leaf that comes from the ground, Lotus creates an intriguing urban design, equipped with seats and shelters parks and rest areas.

A single tubular element of 14cm in diameter by 260cm in height, mounted in a radial pattern, generates the strong and elegant modular load-bearing structure which, as it grows, gives vital force to multiple configurations able to shelter from the rain, illuminate the surrounding environment (with technology LED) and generate energy: from the basic solution with a single small leaf of 4Mq of photovoltaic surface for a production of 500W up to that with a large leaf of 19Mq for 2.8KW. 
Lotus is also charging point for electric cars, thanks to a centralized system each parking space is equipped with info point, with power Scame watertight, from which you can recharge the procurement paying by debit or credit card. Moreover, thanks to the endless color combinations offered by a wide range of painting strictly ecological, Lotus fits in perfect respect of nature adapting to the colors around you: the fresh green tones for natural contexts, the neutral tones for urban areas, with the possibility further alternative choices to the customer's discretion.
An innovative project signed by the architect Giancarlo Zema for Bergamo LumineXence Ltd and sponsored by a consortium of leading companies in the field of technology solutions in the service of sustainable, such Solarday, Siderpali SpA, Eurozeta Ltd., Nord Zinc SpA, Scame Parre SpA.








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