Clei at Made Expo, within the exhibition "Green Home Design, living in the present"

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Clei at Made Expo, within the exhibition "Green Home Design, living in the present" it has been modified: ‭2012-10-29 di Benedict Flowers

Clei participated in the latest edition of Made Expo within the exhibition organized by My Exhibition: Green Home Design, living in the present. Over 10.000 registered users visited the 1400 sq m area where 3 full-scale bio-homes were built, fully furnished (designers: Aldo Cibic, Marco Piva and Massimiliano Mandarini), which address the issue of environmental sustainability with a particular key. reading inspired by design.

Massimiliano Mandarini has designed the Green Kinder House, a small two-storey zero-impact house with design for all access and a panoramic ramp to reach the upper floor where the small and charming free-plan apartment has been furnished with Clei's multifunctional systems. in order to multiply the surface of the rooms.

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Clei's proposals address the issue of the space available in homes with an integrated approach, making what is static flexible, amplifying the usable surface to allow for an extra room in the house. And so the living area, furnished with Swing, a sofa with sliding peninsula in 3 positions, which hides a container under the seat and turns into a double bed that is always ready, which has an innovative slatted base with an aluminum frame and adjustment.

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Next to it is Poppi Theater, a transformable system consisting of a single foldaway bed with slatted base and side bookcase, equipped with a wired sliding panel for plasma / LCD TV, which allows in its movement phases to keep the cables always hidden .
The open space layout includes a kitchen in which 180 linear cm are inserted all the details usually present in larger sizes.
And so, in a very few square meters, it is possible to create a design apartment, with zero impact and equipped with every comfort, with 3 beds, without having to give up the spaces available during the day, for solutions that are increasingly in tune with contemporary living. .
Finally, on the ground floor there is a public space suitable for children (eco-nursery). An architecture that educates sustainability through the creative and innovative use of space and design, for a green approach towards the future.

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