Vinilizate, The haute couture of "sticker" decorative arrives in Italy

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Vinilizate, The haute couture of "sticker" decorative arrives in Italy it has been modified: 2024-05-15 di Benedetto Fiori

The haute couture of decorative "stickers" arrives in Italy, the walls will never be the same again! Vinilizate, the Spanish company specialized in the creation of designer wall stickers arrives in Italy presenting its collections which have made it a leader in Spain and Europe. The Vinilizate Italia collection offers both subjects intended for the decoration of homes and commercial spaces, and for the decoration of children's bedrooms.

Proposals evergreen brand's Spanish is characterized by the large size and the quality of the designs created to give an original and creative touch to your environment.
For decorating children's rooms are offered delicious themes to the delight of children. The decorative stickers "blackboard" are part of the latest proposals of and are especially ironic and amusing. Able to free up space to the imagination of children, ensuring peace of mind for parents.

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The brand new Vinylized Wall Stickers can be purchased online from today on the Italian site Furnishing stickers, wall stickers, wall stickers, home stickers, are all ways of defining an emerging trend in furniture and decoration, and Vinilizate is proud to be able to present its collections to demanding Italian customers: Urbano, Comic, I Fiori, Myths, Love and children.

It is vinyl stickers, usable to dress the walls and the various surfaces of homes, offices, as if they were a 'tattoo' temporary: instead of a poster, a painting, a print, a wallpaper , a stencil or a trompe l'oeil but also to give new life to environments where the traditional decoration is not suitable or not impact.

The adhesive is, of its nature, super-versatile, can be positioned virtually anywhere, as well as easy to apply and remove when you want to change. " The mission is to offer Vinilizate decorative stickers top of the range, the haute couture of the sticker, with a recipe based on three ingredients: creative design and original images, customizing the centimeter and the high quality of workmanship.

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