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YOUTOOL organizing online workshops GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST AUTOPROMOTEC for the design of the new graphic image on the corporate identity which will be the representative image of 26esima biennial edition of Autopromotec 2015. Let's graphics and communications professionals, individuals or groups, students and graduates of higher education courses in design, architecture, fine arts and communication, who want to take up the challenge and present their creative capacity for World automotive showcase, The most important and specialized international exhibition of equipment and all the automotive after market.
Registration opens: March 1 2013 Workshop schedule: dal06 to April 20 2013


To realize the GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST AUTOPROMOTECThe company Promotec Srl relies on YOUTOOL to train and recruit creative, designers, architects, students or professionals with no age limitations and nationality. Characterized from the outset as an international event, Autopromotec it born from the will of AIRP (Italian Tyre Retreaders Association) as SARP (Salon Equipment Tyre Retreading) in 1965, in order to give visibility to the technological development of the retreading sector booming those anni.Dal 1967, in Bologna, consolidates the biennial formula that still distinguishes the salon. In 2005 Autopromotec opens up new market sectors such as those of spare parts, components and car service to represent the worldwide automotive aftermarket. The company Promotec Srl believes that the combination of technology and design can make possible the realization of the new graphic image on the corporate identity, which will form the image is representative of the 26esima biennial Autopromotec 2015.

Participants in the online workshops are invited to submit their ideas tenendoconto of the following guidelines:

  1. Originality of the proposal.
  2. The graphic image should reflect the intrinsic value of the event.
  3. Participants can submit one or more projects that will compete.

On line from 5 March 2013, the presentation video will illustrate the “Briefing” containing the company's expectations and the details that will define the field of action for designers and graphic designers. Registration for the workshop is free and will be officially open from 5 March 2013; the workshop will last two weeks from 06 to 20 April 2013.

The end of workshop projects will be uploaded to the site only in .jpg or .pdf no later than April 20 2013 (workshops given conclusion).
More details and information will be announced during the two weeks diworkshop on site

Selection and Compensation
At the conclusion of the workshop GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST AUTOPROMOTEC, among all entries received by the staff Promotec in collaboration with YOUTOOL will select 10 ideas that will be exhibited in an exhibition from the 22 26 May during the 25esima biennial Autopromotec 2013. During the event exhibitors and visitors will be invited by the organization to consider the projects selected and generate the list decreeing the winner. The outcome of the competition notice will be published on the websites e by 31 May 2013.
The designer / winning team will be recognized a scholarship amounting to € 1.500.


Art. 1: 1.1 Promoters and the subject of the workshop. YOUTOOL srlc r, based in Bologna in via the Ghisiliera 16 and / f (hereinafter referred to as "Promoter") promotes on-line GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST AUTOPROMOTEC (hereinafter referred to as "Workshop") in collaboration with Promotec Srl with headquarters in Via AG Boys 9 -40011 Anzola Emilia (BO). The aim of the workshop is to create a creative process that allows to realize a new graphic image on the corporate identity of the biennial Autopromotec. The online workshop allows you to learn the entire process from concept to design, to implement this idea in a grafico.L'Azienda project, through the educational tools provided on the site YOUTOOL.IT, invites designers to develop the entire project phase of one or more ideas about new graphic image on the corporate identity (hereinafter referred to as "Project").
The offer of the on-line Workshop foresees its development through a video, the interactive site and the related downloadable contents, according to the procedure indicated in Article 4.

Art. 2: Participation

2.1. The online workshop is free and is aimed at designers, architects, designers, graphic artists, students and professionals regardless of age and nationality (hereinafter referred to as "designer"). Registration for the YOUTOOL.IT site is required to send the papers and to access and interact with tutors. Registration is open from March 5 2013 06 April 2013 the first day of the workshop which will end on April 20 2013.
2.2. Each designer enrolling at the Workshop will be simultaneously written to the site It allowed the participation of teams of designers appointing a single manager and contact person.
2.3. At the end of the on-line workshop, each designer, no later than 20 April 2013, will have to upload the project in .jpg or .pdf format in the appropriate online publication area.
Each candidate will ensure clarity of interpretation and understanding of the project, even if only indicative but still complete in all respects, to one of the evaluation by the company and its advisors. Each entrant may submit one or more projects. For each project should include the name, surname and address of the author (or authors, if more than one). They will be excluded projects received after the date established by the Regulation.
2.4. By sending the work it must be accompanied by this notice signed for acceptance which must be completed and mailed to the address of the competition.
2.5. The Promoter will collect the projects and to ensure its conformity to the rules and the object of the Workshop; all materials received will be treated in strict confidence until the official dissemination of the projects not taking any responsibility for any loss, illegal or any damage to the works sent. To this end, participants are invited to always keep a copy of the material.

Art. 3: Technical Requirements

3.1. The technique of realization of the work is free. The file to be sent for selection will be in .jpg or .pdf. If the work were to be selected, the candidate must submit to 300 dpi files in .psd or .pdf format with all open levels or .ai format; the entries must include any fonts used.

Art. 4: Sequence of online workshops

4.1. The online workshop GRAPHIC DESIGN CONTEST AUTOPROMOTEC will develop as follows:
a) by registering for the part of the designer workshops, as specified in Art. 2, you can access the files and instructional videos and interact with tutors through the portal
b) On 5 March 2013, the date of presentation of the Workshop, YOUTOOL will publish the video "Briefing" to introduce the Workshop and training for the realization of the projects. Through the video, subscribers will have the opportunity to acquire useful information for the design and, thanks to the interactive formula offered by the YOUTOOL site, they will have constant technical / design assistance for the realization of their image.For the entire duration of the on-line Workshop in the "Coffee Break" section it will be possible to interact with the tutors, ask questions, request advice and exchange opinions or suggestions for the success of the projects. In this section, the designers will have the opportunity to get to know each other and collaborate for the eventual presentation of group work .
d) Before the end of the Workshop, registered designers will be able to upload, for the last revision, the project drafts in the publication area called the “Draft” page. In this section only the tutors will express, comments and suggestions to stimulate a new critical analysis to evaluate the possibility of adjusting, improving or consolidating the project.
e) The Workshop will end on April 20 2013, by this date the projects will have to be uploaded in .jpg format into publishing area.
f) By April 30 2013, except in cases of force majeure, YOUTOOL 10 will select projects that will be on display from the 22 26 May during the 25esima biennial Autopromotec 2013 for the final evaluation submitted to the jury (limited to exhibitors and visitors ) that will decide the winning design, which the company reserves the right to use and publish the image as its corporate identity.

Art. 5: Use of the proposals and copyright

5.1. The project will be created exclusively for this competition and therefore will not be subject to other uses. The winner of the tender will deliver to Promotec Srl sole ownership of the image created and distribution and reproduction rights. Promotec Srl will be authorized to use, reproduce, adapt, publish and distribute the image, without limit in space or time, by any means of reproduction, as required by law.
Promotec Srl also acquires the right to publish all materials submitted by the participants in the competition at any time and by any means, for initiatives related to the competition itself (example: esposizionepubblica of the submitted projects).
5.2. E 'Company entitled to request any changes to the designer and project adjustments in respect of its author's moral rights.

Art. 6: designers Commitments

6.1. Designers, by subscribing online this Regulation:
a) accept it in full;
b) undertake to provide the material required no later than the date indicated in Art. 2 and accept that the submitted materials will not be returned by YOUTOOL;
d) represent and warrant as of now the authorship and originality of the project that will send, full ownership of authors' economic rights over the same and that the project and the materials that will be sent will not be burdened by the rights of third parties; otherwise it will have to be submitted appropriate authorization and release of rights holders aware that the project would be excluded from the Workshop if found to be fully or partially implemented in violation of the rights of third parties;
e) assume responsibility for the content of the projects and any and all visual and textual materials that will be presented;
f) undertake to indemnify and hold harmless from now YOUTOOL and Enterprise Promotec srl in case of third party claims regarding both the project as the images may have made concerning their originality and novelty, and any other matters related to copyright and / or industrial property relating to the same;
g) They authorize that it plays your personal image and used his own name as long as is performed in the promotion of the Workshop, the Promoter and / or the Company;

Art. 7: Awards

Author or authors of the elaborate 1 st place in the manner described above, you pay a premium of € 1.500 (before applicable taxes).

Art. 8: Governing Law and Jurisdiction

8.1. This Regulation shall be governed, exclusively, by the Italian law.
8.2. Any dispute that may arise concerning the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, performance, termination of the same, as well as for all other disputes arising in connection therewith, shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Bologna.
8.3. This Regulation falls outside the application of the DPR 26 2001 October, n. 430 "Regulation concerning the revision of the rules governing competitions and prize contests, as well as local events, in accordance with Article 19, 4 paragraph, of Law December 27 1997, n. 449 ", for training activities aimed to designers and production of design products without premium payment.

Art. 9: Privacy policy

Pursuant to and by effect of art. 13 to decree. 196 / 2003, personal data, including curricular information and images that are acquired as part of the on-line Workshop, are collected and processed, also with the aid of means both paper and computerized, for the purposes and related activities the conduct of the workshop, including the organization of exhibitions and the publication on the website and on the future catalog and / or video, or to execute legal obligations. Failure to provide the requested data may result in exclusion from the workshop.
The data controller is YOUTOOL Srl cr with headquarters in via della Ghisiliera n.16 e / f, Bologna, Italy, the data will also be communicated to the Promotec Srl company with headquarters in Via AG Ragazzi9 -40011 Anzola Emilia (BO). Both subjects will be responsible for the relative treatment, each within its own competence. At any time, the designer may exercise his rights towards the data controllers, pursuant to Art. 7 of Legislative Decree. 196/2003.

Art. 10: Information and contacts

Via the Ghisiliera 16 and / f
40131 Bologna -Italy
ph + 39 051 524909


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