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EXR Korea Website it has been modified: 2022-06-03 di designfever

Casual Sports brand EXR hired famed Art Director Renato Montagner 2015 for the F / W season to add momentum to Their existing brand identity.

designfever wanted to re-establish the mood of the EXR brand by emphasizing their new message created by Renato Montagner. The first step in EXR's new brand vision was declaring their manifesto, explaining their new hybrid-oriented brand philosophy.

The starting point for the design was EXR's motorsport spirit. designfever wanted to revive the motorsport spirit by focusing on the original meaning, concept, mood and nuances behind the sport. The visual language and symbols used to explain EXR's new brand message serves as a visual metaphor, breaking the boundaries while introducing stylish elegance that establishes the brand new mood.


The EXR poster was planned as a space where users could 'experience' EXR's new brand mood rather than simply reading about it. Parallax Scrolling allows the user to understand the EXR manifesto as one story, acting as a visual metaphor that serves as a bridge for EXR's new brand image and brand messages.

One area we focused on was a news page that served as a consistent means clustering of brand communication visually configured to Reflect the mood of the brand EXR. We arranged the content So THAT half of the page served as a key visual area to deliver important announcements, while the other half was configured of blackberries casual news items using static thumbnails That moved up and down.

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