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Launching the Posterheroes Social Communication Competition: "Shaping the Future!"

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Launching the Posterheroes Social Communication Competition: "Shaping the Future!" it has been modified: ‭2017-10-20 di Benedict Flowers

PLUG, Favini and IED collaborate on a new international project that combines graphics and social engagement.

The PLUG association, which has always been active in the field of communication linked to issues of social relevance, opens the planning and organization of the historian competition Posterheroes (six editions from 2010) to two exceptional partners: FAVINI Srl and IED European Design Institute, Florence. The result is a new initiative that enhances the background, skills and network of the three subjects and seeks to scale the impact of social design and social communication on a global scale.

Il competition

"Posterheroes -" Shaping the Future! " asks the international creative community to express the vision of the future that awaits us, starting from the choices made every day, with a 70 × 100 cm poster.

Rapidly transforming climate, inequality in the distribution of primary resources, uncertainty linked to new technological scenarios, new ways of interaction to be rethought in a hyper-connected reality: these are just some of the challenges we are expecting in the future but on which we are called, as of today, to take position.

POSTERHEROES's organizers: shaping the future! I am firmly convinced that the international creative community can contribute to a conscience that pushes for change and invite professional and aspiring designers to imagine and tell by a POSTER the future that awaits us!

The partnership between PLUG, FAVINI and IED Florence witnesses the attention and commitment of the three subjects in promoting graphic design and illustration as strong and immediate expressive media at the service of the community.

Posterheroes is the project with which the PLUG Association was born in 2010. - declares the President of the Christian Racca Association - After 6 editions we are now ready for a new start in the name of sharing with valuable partners, with the aim of to grow the initiative.

Eugenio Eger, Chief Executive Officer of Favini, said: "We are excited to partner with the new Posterheroes International Project, combining graphics and social engagement.

For years we have been alongside the promoters of the initiative, bringing all of our experience and our creative know-how. The strong sense of social and environmental responsibility, constant research of innovation and the creativity factor that have always distinguished our company are the important principles we share with Posterheroes organizers. There are clear examples of the papers on which creators can choose to print their works: Crush and Remake, the new frontiers of creative reuse.

"We are very happy to be a partner of the Posterheroes project" - underlines Alessandro Colombo, Director of IED Florence - "IED has been operating for more than 50 years in the field of training and research, in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication . We are therefore proud to be able to contribute to the success of the project by bringing it to our school desks. "

Participants will have time until 17 February 2018 to deliver their work through the upload on the site www.posterheroes.orgwhere you can download the brief and the Regulation of competition.

An international jury, composed of graphics, art and communication experts, will have the task of selecting 40 poster winners and giving a special mention accompanied by a 2.500 € monetary award to the author of the work that will best interpret the values by Shaping the Future.

All 40 selected posters will subsequently be published in the catalog of the initiative, printed on FAVINI paper, and will become part of a public exhibition based in Florence in May 2018.

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