Aloe vera: the perfect plant to grow indoors

Aloe vera: the perfect plant to grow indoors it has been modified: 2021-05-13 di Chiara Bucalossi

Succulents are the houseplants for excellence, but among them a special place belongs to Aloe vera, especially beneficial.

There are plenty of plants to choose from to furnish an apartment.

Among all a place of honor, certainly, aloe vera plant is not only amazingly beautiful too useful for our health.

Let's discover together all the benefits and how to grow it at home.


It is able to purify the air of our apartment

According to recent studies l 'Aloe vera contributes to keep air cleaner environments where you live or stay, why absorbs harmful substances (especially formaldehyde) e releases oxygen continuously, Even during the night. This feature makes it suitable for any room in the house, including the bedrooms.


It is an inexhaustible source of well-being within reach

The transparent gelatinous substance obtained from the central part of the outer leaves, then the older the plant, has many healing properties, effective for both indoor and outdoor use.

  1. External use

This gel is used as a healing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. You can also be applied on insect bites to relieve aches and disinfect, for fungal infections, rash, erythema, herpes and skin irritations.

To pick the easiest way is to cut the leaf lengthwise.

  1. Internal use

Hired as a juice or tablets, it is purifying, stimulates the activity of the immune system, fights ulcers and gastritis, but it should be taken under medical supervision. For those unwilling to damage their own too aloe plant by cutting off the leaves, there are several products on the market, creams and gels made from aloe for all uses.



Measures to grow it in house

Aloe vera belongs to the family of succulents and therefore is particularly easy to care for and keep at home.

  • Luce

Original, like all other cacti, aloe vera wants environments fully lit: in the apartment must be placed at the points of maximum brightness, for example, close to a window facing south.

  • Change of vessel

Aloe vera, especially in the juvenile stage (1-5 years), grows rapidly, therefore it becomes necessary to make an annual return of vessel, which must always be higher than it is wide, given the tendency of the root, while little branched, to go in depth.

  • Use of fertilizer

The needs are not high, however, the fertilizer must be distributed regularly, especially in the case of specimens of considerable size and age, bred in a container, in order to promote the new emission of leaves and their proper development, so the accumulation in them of pharmacologically useful.

  • Acqua

The water demand is modest. One should not however think that aloe can grow well without being wet: water scarcity indeed determines dewatering leaf tissues, thus reducing bioactive substances.

It is preferable not to irrigate with cold water: the optimum temperature of the water should be between 15 and 20 ° C.


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