Zot / Pierluigi Molteni at "From Nido to Guscio"

Zot / Pierluigi Molteni at "From Nido to Guscio" it has been modified: 2011-12-02 di jessica zannori

Zot is the new seating system designed by Pierluigi Molteni, Made of sandstone from Il Casone with iron elements Cor-ten of De Castelli. Zot is a project that designs space, determining borders and limits. It is a kind of sofa that builds urban "places": resting, waiting, meeting. Thanks to the elements iron, assumes

a thousand faces and functions. The shapes that make up the abacus of its elements make the most of the potential of the quarry block, minimizing scraps and waste. Zot was presented in preview at the exhibition / event “From nest to shell. Designers, companies and cities: the stone for street furniture ”, organized by Ottagono magazine and held at the SUN in Rimini from 20 to 22 October 2011.






Zot _-_ Possibilit_di_composizione_1

Zot _-_ Possibilit_di_composizione_2

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