YOKO / the new table lamp by Anderssen & Voll for Foscarini, preview Euroluce 2013

foscarini Yoko
YOKO / the new table lamp by Anderssen & Voll for Foscarini, preview Euroluce 2013 it has been modified: 2013-03-26 di Benedetto Fiori

A delicate and impalpable soap bubble, which quivers in space filling it with white light from the north: this is the image immediately evoked by YOKO, The new table lamp given by Foscarini for euroluce 2013.

Immaterial and ethereal, Simple and extremely refined: YOKO with the Norwegian designers Andersson & Voll they reinterpret the archetype of the table lamp and overturn it in a bold typological inversion, placing a delicate volume made of transparencies on the lighting body. The result is a perfect intersection, simple and light, inspired by the image of a bubble in tension that rests on the light source.

The essential Scandinavian style is emphasized by the choice of different colors, light and just mentioned, that recall the northern light and colored in shades of light reflected and the upper body.

YOKO is born and takes shape thanks to a long and accurate materials research and on the shape, developed thanks to countless tests played on the edge of the millimeter, with obsessive attention to the curvature of the lines. The extremely refined technology plays a fundamental role but remains hidden, hidden by the rarefied line and the perfection of the balance between the two volumes.

The development of the original concept, transferred with great skill in an advanced industrialization process - based on the technique of blown molding and on the choice of a material such as polymethylmethacrylate - made it possible to create an object of immediate reading and strong personality.

The choice of the name, born from the assonance of two similar but not identical syllables, ideally underlines the dialogue between the two volumes of YOKO: a fascinating and balanced play of transparencies that gives a soft and vibrant atmosphere to every corner of the house.

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