Woofer Chair / Ministry of Design

Woofer Chair / Ministry of Design it has been modified: 2011-06-29 di Benedetto Fiori

Innovative furniture designs have become more and more popular the Woofer Chair is one of them. The chair that was inspired by a speaker also has innovative technological features, the sound waves make the whole seat vibrate, allowing the user

to listen and also hear the audio spectrum, thanks to sophisticated sound actuators hidden inside the glass fiber structure of the chair. Designed by the Singapore studio Ministry of Design Saporiti Italy, the mixture contemporary chair the design lines and sound technology, creating a world of possibilities for audio enthusiasts. A soft ergonomic seat complete the hard outer shell of glass fiber, exploiting the difference between the two materials. The shape and size of the Woofer Chair create a connection between form and function with its size the session gives substance to the lower bass resonances, while the taper on the sides gives the right space to the highest tones.






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