Turin Lab: a national competition to bring the design to the business world

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Turin Lab: a national competition to bring the design to the business world it has been modified: 2024-05-16 di Benedetto Fiori

The Turin design factory, in collaboration with the Industrial Union of Turin, promotes the "Prodotti Tipici Industriali design contest" competition.

Registrations are open to take part in the first competition promoted by Torino Lab, in collaboration with the Industrial Union of Turin, entitled "Typical Industrial Products design contest". The objective of the competition, which will remain open until 14 October, is clear and at the same time very ambitious: to investigate the social and symbolic dimension of the kitchen. The contest is aimed at the design of original, authentic objects inspired by the sphere of conviviality and tradition.

 The initiative of the tender is set in a perspective of continuity with respect to those that are the key principles of the philosophy of Torino Lab, whose leading line - the "Typical Industrial Products" - consists of products made through the use of existing raw materials and semi-finished products, using materials supplied by partners who are attentive to the issues of respect for the environment and involving companies in the Piedmont area. The project proposals submitted to the competition must therefore include the use of materials, technologies and semi-finished products of the companies selected by Torino Lab as a partner of the competition, in collaboration with the Industrial Union of Turin.

 The call is open to professional designers, but also to students, who will compete in two separate categories, and will have the opportunity to participate individually or in groups.

 A jury composed of some experts in the sector - coming from the Industrial Union of Turin, from ADI (Association for Industrial Design) Piedmont, from FabLab Italia, from the Turin Design Week Association and from the organizing body itself - as well as from a representative of each partner company of the competition, will decide a winner for each of the two categories in the competition.

The concomitance of the award ceremony with the fifth edition of Turin Design Week, will give the finalists of the competition the opportunity to see their projects exhibited within the event.

Furthermore, the most interesting ideas will be selected with the aim of prototyping and producing them (even in limited series). The products, once made, can be put on sale at the TO.LAB Design Store - which has always been the official showcase of Torino Lab products - and Officina 42 located at the Italian Design Outlet in Santhià. 

 The main evaluation criteria used by the jury will be, in different percentages, the feasibility, the appropriate and innovative use of materials, technologies and components, the consistency with the philosophy and spirit proposed by the competition and the intrinsic characteristics of the project as regards originality, performance, content and impact on the environment.

 Registering is simple: the designers will be asked to submit documentation that includes their personal data sheet, the graphic drawings of the project and the description of the concept, with its technical specifications.

All projects must be submitted no later than October 14 2012 sending them via e-mail at

 Turin Lab

Torino Lab is the multidisciplinary design studio specializing in the use of raw materials of industrial origin for the creation of everyday objects. Born in 2009 in the Piedmontese capital, from the experience of Maurizio Bazzano and Fulvia Berrino gained in the field of experimentation of the potential of these materials in alternative fields, the design studio boasts among its partnerships some important industries, including Buzzi Unicem Spa, Dr. Gallina Srl, SER Wax Industry Spa, which supply it with the raw materials and semi-finished products necessary for the realization of the projects.

From the research and experimentation carried out in this area, the catalog of "Typical Industrial Products" came to life, ie products whose realization involves the exclusive use of existing raw materials and semi-finished products, supplied by partners attentive to the issues of compliance with environment, the transition to a short transformation chain that largely involves companies in the Piedmont area and the enhancement of the local entrepreneurial fabric.

The Torino Lab network linked to Typical Industrial Products now has 18 companies including authorized resellers, processing companies and partner companies producing raw materials, 80% of which are located in Turin or in neighboring areas.

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