Strings: a mix of craftsmanship and contemporary design for the Sideboard and Wardrobe by Nika Zupanc

Scarlet Splendor String Sideboard
Strings: a mix of craftsmanship and contemporary design for the Sideboard and Wardrobe by Nika Zupanc it has been modified: 2024-06-04 di Benedetto Fiori

In the panorama of contemporary design, often characterized by essential lines and minimalism, the Strings collection by Nika Zupanc for Scarlet Splendour stands out as a melody out of the pack.

Strings sideboard and wardrobe embody the essence of refined and modern elegance, where impeccable craftsmanship is intertwined with a delicate and playful design.

At the center of the scene we find the "cords", i.e. thin metal tubes finished in shiny gold that make up the supporting structure of the furniture. The arrangement of these elements creates a fascinating texture reminiscent of the finest lace. Their sinuosity, which recalls the strings of a musical instrument, evokes a sensation of lightness and dynamism, in contrast with the solidity of the metal.

The elegance of the Strings Sideboard and Wardrobe is not limited only to the shapes. The choice of metal as the main material gives the furniture an intrinsic preciousness, underlined by the brilliance of the golden finish. The light reflects on the smooth surfaces, creating a play of reflections that embellishes the surrounding environment.

But Nika Zupanc's true touch of genius lies in the skilful use of empty spaces. The metal wires, while creating a solid structure, reveal areas of light and shadow which give the furniture a sense of airiness and refinement. It is as if the air could flow freely between the strings, creating a harmonious dialogue between full and empty spaces.

The Strings Sideboard and the Strings Wardrobe are not just simple furnishing accessories, but true works of art and design capable of enriching any environment with their timeless beauty. Their versatility makes them suitable for different contexts, from the most intimate domestic spaces to the most exclusive contract environments. Imagine the Strings Sideboard dominating a living room with a contemporary design, or the Strings Wardrobe embellishing the bedroom of a luxury hotel.

In any case, this furniture will always be able to capture attention and arouse admiration. Their discreet and refined elegance makes them perfect for those who want to surround themselves with unique and precious objects, capable of telling a story of unparalleled style and design.

Scarlet Splendor: A combination of passion and creativity

Behind the magic of the Strings collection is the Scarlet Splendour brand, founded by brothers Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia. United by a shared passion for aesthetics and craftsmanship, the two designers have created a brand that celebrates opulence and exuberance, without ever sacrificing sophistication.

Scarlet Splendor collaborates with internationally renowned designers, including Nika Zupanc, to create eclectic collections that blend tradition and innovation. Each Scarlet Splendor object is a unique work of art, designed to last over time and excite.

Let yourself be conquered by their timeless beauty and refined elegance, and prepare to live a unique and inimitable design experience.

project info

Designer: Nika Zupanc
Collection: Strings Collection
Material: metal
Sideboard dimensions: Width 123 cm, Depth 56 cm, Height 74 cm
Wardrobe dimensions: Width 123 cm, Depth 56 cm, Height 195 cm

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