Steel-life, passion for emerging design

Steel-life, passion for emerging design it has been modified: 2012-01-16 di Steel-life

Steel Life is a 'company that was born from the passion for design emerging and that stands for a new way of thinking about production.

Different products are used to communicate a conceptual style unique. The product becomes testimonial of social evolution and design worldwide.

Steel Life aims to be a forerunner of trends of design through research and the selection of young designers of national and international, that with their projects are able to interpret the trends in the changing world. With the reality of Steel Life of furniture becomes a real ready-to-wear, with talent scouts looking for creators of pieces destined to become a cult in the history of design.


Who buys Steel Life is a connoisseur and a collector who perceives and discovers the novelty of the design appreciating both the function and the meaning and value over time. Buy a piece Steel Life is to take possession of a piece, certificate and numbered, built with care and passion for detail.


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