SDP ARCHITECTS / RUSTY LAMP it has been modified: 2011-05-06 di jessica zannori

The concept for the RustyLamp of SDP ARCHITECTS, comes from a strong search for meanings. Today, as in the past, time gives great value to objects made by mankind. This value is determined by the rarity and age that the object has acquired over time. The choice of light bulbs

was made because of their resemblance to an old fashion lamp with an abundance of tungsten filaments and handcrafted in glass, very similar to turn of the century light bulbs. This could be thought of as a tribute to the tungsten bulb which was recently banned in Europe. This bulb was also chosen for another reason: the intention to make a lamp that creates an atmosphere, and not usable specifically for lighting. Light is an interesting field of research. The combination of colors and brightness creates different atmospheres. The space and low light intensity help create a warm, relaxing and intimate atmosphere.



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