Salone del Mobile 2018: all the news from Zilio A&C

Salone del Mobile 2018: all the news from Zilio A&C it has been modified: 2018-05-11 di claudia ovan

A consolidated production tradition, which has grown and strengthened over the years in the name of quality and attention to detail, at the service of the most up-to-date and fresh research on design: this is the business card of Zilio A&C, which this year presents at the Salone del Mobile , Arkad and Pebble, two new collections by Note Design Studio and Tomoko Azumi.

Arkad_design Notes Design Studio, is a collection of poufs, available in two different lengths and in a corner version. The designers themselves describe the concept in this way:
“Arkad in Swedish means arch. We were inspired by the aesthetics of the world of architecture and after having explored different architectural expressions, testing them on a small scale, we found the balance we were looking for in the simple and familiar shape of the vault, which we then repeated, restoring rhythm and dynamism to the product.
The simple volumes of these poufs and their compact size make Arkad a system suitable for the relaxation areas of shops, lounge areas, but also for residential spaces. The different modules can be used individually or together, to form larger combinations that give life to a real new product that adapts to the space in which it is inserted. "
Particular attention has been given to the choice of fabrics that cover the structure in wood and polyurethane foam. The Febrik and Rohi fabrics selected for Arkad offer high elasticity and softness, as well as an excellent aesthetic result.

Pebble_design Tomoko Azumi, is a family of multifunctional accessories in ash, whose design is inspired by natural primordial forms, such as that of the pebble, as can be seen from the name. Different by size and silhouette, the three versions of Pebble become, at will, coffee tables, stools, storage boxes or benches.
“We designed this series as a group of stools-tables” - says Tomoko Azumi - “thinking them both for a domestic and public space. They are truly flexible products on which one or more people can sit; even on the smallest stool there is room for two! In short, they can be used in complete freedom to customize an environment and, depending on the occasion and the space available, turn into a seat. "

The news of this year also concern two products that have been so successful in past editions of the Show.
Presented last year, Etta_design Dossofiorito, is enriched with three new accessories: a hanger, a mirror and a storage box allow unprecedented customization possibilities for this complement, which now becomes perfect to furnish an entrance or a bedroom.
The Rapa_design Mentsen family also expands with a new base with thinner wooden legs: an option designed in particular to facilitate the use of this seat in dynamic environments such as restaurants, bars and educational spaces.

Four proposals that interpret a new concept of versatility. An essential design, which proceeds from clear and evocative forms, creates products designed for spaces in constant change, be they private or public. With this Salone Zilio A&C gives new answers to the increasingly attentive requests of international interior design, in continuity with its philosophy that has always married research in the forms curated in all production phases, carried out exclusively in its laboratories in the north east of Italy. 'Italy.

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