Ronda Design and App Design at the Fuori Salone 2013

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Ronda Design and App Design at the Fuori Salone 2013 it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedetto Fiori

App Design polyomino, design: Diego Collareda

On the occasion of Design Week 2013, The products Ronda Design e App Design will be exhibited at the tie-UPS store in Milan for a Fuorisalone innovation.

Color, research materials and solutions, innovation, almost total customization of the product, design and feisty young: these are the characteristics that are common across the Ronda App design and design with colorful belts tie-UPS®.

Because of their common philosophy the Venetian companies have agreed to collaborate on the occasion of the Milan Design Week: from the 9 14 April, at the tie-UPS® store on Via Manzoni 16 / b (I) the bold proposals to tie-UPS® will be exhibited on additions made by Ronda Design. In addition, point-brand will be enhanced by some of the innovative design proposals App.

The new collection of forms polyominoDesigned by Diego Collareda App for Design, is colorful and practical. Each shelf, available in a square or rectangular, is equipped with magnetic elements brevettatiabilmente inserted into the soul of wood they are made of the complements. In this way, thanks to the aid of a special wall panels, but also using any other metal support, it is possible to give a different face to a wall or to a room.

Luna Cresente front

The mirror "Crescent Moon", Signed by the designer Diego Collareda for App Design, it is made of wood and available in white, orange, red, green, blue and black, it is formed by one or more mirrors which, thanks to the patented magnetic elements, cleverly inserted in the back, can be variously
combined. A single mirror but also many mirrors, which can be placed on the appropriate woodwork but also on any metal support.

MyShelf 8

The system Freestanding, Created by Ronda Design, is a perfect solution for all your needs. This complement consists of a boiseriemetallica on which can be positioned, thanks only to the magnetic force, various accessories in complete freedom: from shelves to hangers, bottle or cup holders, but the list could go on. Freestanding can always change the face, with different materials such as wood and plastic, and does so even with the aid of films antistaticheche use the principle dell' "attacks-off": always new colors and images to provide a breath of fresh air and a temperament in line with the trend of the moment.

Branch SCONT ArancioBianco

White, orange, red, green, blue, black, these numerous variables of color available forhanger "Branch", Branded App Design, which can be characterized by two finishes: one with engravings from the most varied forms, in image, for example, was chosen a leaf or without decorinei biancoo black colors.

And there's more! From March until late April, accessories branded tie-UPS® and App Design will be available in exclusive temporary store at the Central Station of Milan.

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