Roberto Giacomucci / Cartacanta

Roberto Giacomucci / Cartacanta it has been modified: 2023-10-09 di Benedetto Fiori

Cartacanta is an anticipation of the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, designed by Roberto Giacomucci for Ultraluce Ecolight.

Says the designer:

“Cartacanta guides us in a very particular musical dimension, made of notes of light. The linear and rational shape of the cardboard structure harmonizes with the softness drawn in the void by the only conductor of energy, bringing to mind the shape of the musical staff. We will be able to "listen" to a sweet melody made of points of shadow and light, which are reflected on the walls, every time we turn on the suspension lamp. It is available in three sizes: large with four lights (cm L100 x D12, H 15), medium with two lights (cm L 47 x D 12, H 15), small with one light (cm L12 x P12, H 15). It is fitted with energy saving E27 bulbs. "


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