Roberto Corazza / Krepa table

Roberto Corazza table Krepa 1
Roberto Corazza / Krepa table it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedetto Fiori

A new shape becomes part of the home… The table becomes an important element that enriches the furniture with its personality. "Krepa", of Roberto Corazza, is an ambitious project since its legs take on a more important dimension and give character, with their shape, to a classic dining table.

The wooden top, with an inclined cut, thins the sense of heaviness of the thickness and gives a sense of continuity to the particular shape of the legs, which widen as the eye approaches their top. The upper surface is composed of 8 mm thick glass that conceals a storage space in which colored fragments can be inserted to create chromatic effects that embellish and make the table more familiar. The legs are made of technical material, light but malleable in processing, while the top and the grid inside are made of wood.

The table Krepa was recently published in the book "DesignFor 2013"

Roberto Corazza table Krepa 2

Roberto Corazza table Krepa 3

Roberto Corazza table Krepa 4

Roberto Corazza table Krepa 5

The dimensions of the table are: 160x90x75 cm

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