Ring Mirror Installation / Arnaud Lapierre

Ring Mirror Installation / Arnaud Lapierre it has been modified: 2011-11-30 di jessica zannori

Visitors to Place Vendome in Paris, France witnessed a breathtaking art installation during the 2011 FIAC conference. The installation of Ring Mirror by Arnaud Lapierre, Sponsored by Audi, it is composed of a cylinder with reflective mirrors blocks stacked so

variegated. Lapierre explains: “The Ring considers networking in an urban space: rhythm, flow, organization and spatial hierarchy. The visual effect connects all these interactions through an optical effect: the repetition of the mirrored cubes breaks the perception of the square ”. The view from afar is remarkable and it is a pity that Lapierre's work is only temporary. Although modern it integrates well with the classical buildings of Paris.




Street: Yatzer

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