“Unbox your Skill”: the packaging design competition organized by Box Marche Spa

“Unbox your Skill”: the packaging design competition organized by Box Marche Spa it has been modified: ‭2012-05-21 di Gianluca Massobrio


Monday May 21 part Unbox your Skill, A stimulating and original competition nationally organized by Box Marche Spa - Corinaldo (AN) paper converting company -, aimed at all young that will compete in the draw the best packaging and that will reward the winner with a collaboration remunerated at the same company.

Unbox your Skill means creating a link between the business world and the academic system. With this initiative, in fact, Box Marche Spa wants to give all young lovers of industrial design the possibility of concretely express their ideas outside the university classrooms. The Project is located, however, in a wider path through which Box Marche Spa continues, with initiatives of various kinds, a true social commitment towards the younger, giving them space in which to express themselves and approach the same time the world of work. The company understands the value of the study and research and believes that they are an important strategic asset for the market competitiveness. This is a principle valid for both businesses and students. Why, though, study and research leading to concrete results, it is necessary overthrow the optical reference: Not only the students must strive to get closer to companies, but also they must make a step forward towards young.
A further purpose is to communicate the availability of Box Marche to become a innovative center for sevelopment of the culture of packaging. Unbox Your Skill is, therefore, the first step to enable future collaborations with Italian universities in view of the research ofexcellence in packaging design.

Attend Unbox your Skill is easy: just register on the relevant page of the Project on the site of Box Marche Spa and upload the file ( Packs of what kind? The company has indicated six categories Change the Box, Ie the packages to be performed must be functional for the markets of 'Clothing, the Food & Beverage, householdand Beautyand Nutraceutical and to the Exhibitors. The company does not specify any particular constraint, leaving a Total freedom of initiative to the boys, both as regards the physical structure of the package is that graphics external to both the product type, Provided it is within the six categories. Only obligation: load PDF or JPEG a path of the project, in addition to the finished product.
I criteria to assign the coveted will be the originality and aesthetics but also the functionality, handling and ergonomics. What can you win? Not just a collaboration remunerated at Box Marche Spa, but also one dedicated space on Next, the house organ of the company which is distributed to about 3000 contacts between Public Administration, University, Cultural Institutions and companies.
E 'was also created a seventh Special category: Change the Nature. Box Marche Spa is a company with the soul green and believes in the principle of 'eco-sustainability. In line with this with this value, Unbox your Skill asks young people to think of products that today are packaged with other materials and to try to create packaging in paper and cardboard, certainly more eco-friendly than aluminum, plastic or glass. . For this category - in addition to the space granted on Next - there will be a award ad hoc: will be published the image of the pack on the home page of Box Marche Spa (, Giving visibility to the young author.

The competition will end on July 1. For further clarification, You can contact Box Marche Spa at



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