Potocco presents the outdoor collection Surplus, design Alessandro Busana

Potocco Surplus collection
Potocco presents the outdoor collection Surplus, design Alessandro Busana it has been modified: 2022-06-02 di jessica zannori

In absolute preview the Nuva outdoor collection Surplus of Potocco designed by Alessandro Busana.

The collection, consisting of chair, sofa and bed for sunbathing, is a mix of very different shapes and materials from one another but which, thanks to a design studied in detail, gives a balanced set of great appeal.

What is most emphasized by Alessandro Busana is the contrast created by the "soft abundance" of pillows and the "rigid simplicity" of the structure, made of solid iroko. The cushions, with important dimensions deliberately put in contrast with the lightweight and impalpable, is the element that distinguishes the collection, giving it a strong aesthetic and enveloping comfort. The soft padding, is a major plus functional value that is not limited to seating comfort.

In fact, thanks to a mechanism integrated to the frame, the external cushions can rotate creating soft vertical walls, for which if necessary a cocoon effect protects the person from wind and sun. The coating is available in different fabrics for outdoor use with many shades to choose from. Detail that characterizes instead the frame of the bed is the reclining back and a comfortable area for objects, useful to have handy phone, creams, towels etc. The inherent versatility characterizes the outdoor collection Surplus and makes it suitable for multiple contexts of furniture, both to the different needs of the user than the changing environment of the day, the season or the latitude.

Potocco Surplus armchair

Potocco Surplus armchair 3.4

Dining tables, coffee tables and lounge: for every need a design proposal signed Potocco

It is the gathering place for family meals, a piece of furniture to give character to the living area or a practical support to store a cup of coffee and newspaper, the table is an element that can not be waived in the design Interior.

At the Salone del Mobile 2015 Potocco he has made several proposals on the subject, capable of responding to the different needs of each. The new product silos, Weld, Cab and Intreccio differ in shape, size, material and design, and each represent a distinct piece of furniture.
What is common to all models is the refined design and never dull, highlighted by the inclusion of details that are the true hallmarks of each project.

Potocco table Weld Sessions Vela

Potocco Weld coffee table

Potocco Weld table seating

Lounge JULIA

Jealously guarded for over 50 years, the sketch of an old model sitting years' 60 made by the company at the time was taken up and reinterpreted by the study of interior design to meet the daily demands of furniture. Hence, the lounge "Julia", an homage to the vintage style and, thanks to the new version made using outdoor materials, an invitation to live lightly furniture dedicated to the outdoors.

The geometric lines, clean and simple structure are a tribute to all those who find themselves in the essentiality expression of beauty. It is intentionally made of solid Iroko, particularly from Africa Equatorial essence that stands out for its excellent strength, stability in the presence of temperature fluctuations and the ability not to absorb moisture. The heightened seat depth and length of the arms, widths up to 10 cm for a good support of the arms, invite you to relax comfortably.

The cushions, which makes it comfortable seat, are upholstered with special fabric for outdoor, available in many different colors as well as in spring floral patterns. The numerous possibilities for customization of the cushions make the lounge Julia can respond to different tastes of furniture, Provencal style up to the most contemporary.

With this unprecedented meeting, presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile 2015, Potocco highlights once again the skill in being able to combine expertise in producing high quality craftsmanship and contemporary design: the result is a timeless project dedicated to lovers of life outside. polished and embossed.

Potocco Julia 1

Potocco Julia 2

Potocco Julia 3

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