clocks and cuckoo clocks by Projects: for those looking for style and elegance at Christmas

clocks and cuckoo clocks by Projects: for those looking for style and elegance at Christmas it has been modified: 2013-12-04 di Social Design Magazine

thought for those looking for style and elegance a ChristmasProjects presents some of its watches and cuckoo clocks, Which are distinguished by the high quality of the materials, the craftsmanship that require preparation and attention to detail.

Here are some suggestions for Christmas Projects:

TIMESAVER, Design Angela Cingolani

leisure, tranquility e RelaxCitizens rhythms dilate and time seems to slow down.  In the collective imagination there are objects that are the very essence of the holiday and that for generations have emerged in the memory and arouse dreamy smiles. Among these life jacket reminiscent of the sea, the moments of happy, carefree and fun. Angela Cingolani, designers, it is in fact inspired by soft forms, feelings and emotions that it evokes to design TIMESAVER.

THEclock has, therefore, the form his own lifebelt: a colored tubular (white, yellow, blue, red or orange) encloses the clock with a white dial in the center, while the numbers and hands are the same color as the structure. The latter is made of wood but, for those who want a truly object out of the municipality, that express full the desire to return to childhood ludic awakening feelings, is available inflatable version made of sturdy vinyl in transparent, yellow or red.


24 kAlberto Sala design

Elegant, refined e timeless. 24k, design Alberto Sala, made entirely of sheet metal in gold and bronze finishes, is an essential cuckoo, a volume in the shape of a house that seems to arise from an ingot. He wants to be a visible furnishing object but without excessDelicate but at the same time character.

Unlike the others cuckoo Progetti, 24k has two elegant cylindrical elements positioned at different heights connected to the structure by two thin rods, also in metal in the same finish as the structure and hands. 24k contains a sensor which, at nighttime, excludes the sound.


Mr. OrangeAlberto Sala design

Un Cuckoo wall with the classical form, already known and appreciated, to which we are fond: the little house. Here, however, the lines are clean, simple, the structure is reduced to the essence. Mr. Orange, designed by Alberto Sala, is made from a reduced section solid walnut lattice that defines a series of areas filled with different materials. Like a painting, the structure acts as a frame.

E 'can choose between different textures: polka dot or striped fabric, dark wood or hammered gold color, to give Mr. Orange his favorite character e match it to the style of your home. In addition to the wooden lattice, the common feature that distinguishes each clock is the orange color of the pendulum, the hour hand and the circular crown that surrounds the cuckoo.


CùCùRùKù, design Riccardo Paolino and Matteo Fusi

Cuckoo clock made in wood. Quartz movement batteryA light-sensitive sensor automatically stops the ringer in the absence of light.


Cockoo Home, Design Ilya Titov

A product which incorporates the idea of ​​cuckoo of our imagination, A small house from simple lines, made of birch wood, with designed door and window, the latter open to let the bird out at the stroke of the hour.

As with all projects Cuckoo, also Cockoo Home is made in Italy, with German mechanism in which are stored a sensor that in the absence of light for muting the sound does not diturbare the risposo. Quartz movement battery.


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