OFFICE + RETROFIT / Studio Sovrappensiero and Manerba

OFFICE + RETROFIT / Studio Sovrappensiero and Manerba it has been modified: 2011-06-11 di Benedetto Fiori

During the event Mantova Creativa, a meeting between art, culture and entrepreneurial creativity, the June 10 2011 was unveiled for the collection of office furniture designed by the OFFICE + RETROFIT Studio Sovrappensiero and created by the interior design company Manerba Spa

OFFICE + RETROFIT is a collection of furniture, born from a recovery intervention developed by Studio Sovrappensiero and created by the Manerba Company, to reuse the stock of office furniture and rethink a new functionality, a reinterpretation of the products on an aesthetic and formal level but above all from the cultural point of view.

The term Retrofit means the installation of newly manufactured devices or components in systems that were not originally designed to receive them. This process is born in environments with great availability of disused products and allows, not only to recover the obsolescent object, but also to implement an upgrade of the product itself that will be able to respond to new needs. The design idea arises from the balance between 2 different objectives: on the one hand to intervene in strong contrast with the impersonal, rigorous and institutional image that the standard of office furniture often provides, and on the other to make the operation accessible point of view of production for a human-sized project whose products will be marketed through alternative sales channels, consistent with the spirit of Retrofit.








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