Christmas design / Made In Design to start his Italian adventure

Christmas design / Made In Design to start his Italian adventure it has been modified: 2011-12-24 di Benedetto Fiori

You are late with Christmas gifts and do not want to deal with the stress of Christmas shopping full of people anxious to be present?
Made in Design, the largest European e-commerce site dedicated to the design sector, has just started its Italian adventure. With a catalog of over 15.000 products that day by day pursues the ideas of 800 designers and almost 200 brands, it can certainly help you.

After the challenges met in France and England, and the recent launch of the portal German, Made in Design is ready to revolutionize the world of Italian design with a new approach to design democratic and without barriers.

For those looking for the latest gem of the sacred cows of the project and the cult of companies, but also for those who want to find and give the most glamorous accessory of the moment. From chaiselongue big budget, the gadget with style, and fun, without engaging.

From today you just connect to to take home the excellence. The gray eminences who have written the history of the twentieth century as Alvar Aalto and Philippe Starck, the talent already consecrated as Ron Arad, Werner Aisslinger and Sam Baron, emerging young hopefuls, and solid certainties, as Edward Barber and 5.5.

The idea of ​​Made In Design is by Catherine Colin, a courageous and enlightened entrepreneur, who in 1999 - moved by a very strong passion for design and fascinated by new technologies - gave life to an innovative company based exclusively on online distribution.

The results were not slow in coming. With an updated and capillary Made In Design has become, in just over a decade, the largest site of e-commerce in Europe.



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