My Circuit by Michael Anastassiades for Flos: when the binary becomes decorative and poetic, Milan Design Week 2023

Flos MDW showroom
My Circuit by Michael Anastassiades for Flos: when the binary becomes decorative and poetic, Milan Design Week 2023 it has been modified: 2023-05-12 di Benedetto Fiori

Milan Design Week 2023 has just ended and among the many projects presented, the one by Flos stands out, the Italian brand specializing in furnishing lighting. In this edition of the FuoriSalone, Flos presented the Six Acts – My Circuit project, a representation in six acts of domestic life scenes. The project was conceived to celebrate the launch of My Circuit, the revolutionary flexible track light system created by the famous Cypriot-born designer Michael Anastassiades.

The installation was conceived as an artistic experience, with site-specific light installations and live performances, unveiled day by day during the design week. The white rubber track formed by curves and lines, together with the luminous elements in a total white finish suspended from it, allows you to configure infinite possibilities for the arrangement and lighting of the spaces. My Circuit reflects contemporary living behavior and the most diverse ways of living the domestic space, especially in an open space environment.

The track, usually considered a technical and cold element in an architectural lighting system, takes on a new extremely decorative and poetic dimension in this project. Thanks to the ingenious flexibility of the material used, the track is modeled by drawing soft signs and plays of curves on the ceiling, like friezes or brushstrokes.

Anastassiades' project pervades the entire Flos showroom, with a series of stylized furnishings designed ad hoc to interpret different types of interiors, creating a dynamic modular scenography. Furthermore, a group of performers – actors, dancers and singers – staged a different representation of domestic life every day, with a continuous up & down dialogue between the circuit and the human presence interacting underneath it.

In the historic colonnade area of ​​the Flos space, the stand-alone versions of the suspension elements dedicated to the track are exhibited, equipped with a total white ceiling rose. These lights illuminate a storyboard with the drawings of the six layouts of the space, and a large photo wall where snapshots stolen from the artistic performances or the different details of the scenography will be posted every day.

Anastassiades' project reflects his attention to the simplicity with which lighting elements can be fixed, arranged or removed, and the sense of versatility and non-permanence that so much reflects our way of living in the home. A project that combines aesthetics with utility, creating a versatile and elegant lighting system, perfect for the different needs of contemporary living.

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