Music meets fashion: Panasonic presents its new line of headphones HXD

Panasonic HXD3 R
Music meets fashion: Panasonic presents its new line of headphones HXD it has been modified: 2012-09-18 di Benedetto Fiori

Style, elegance and underground look meet the highest fidelity of sound, Panasonic presents the new headphones of the HXD line in collaboration with Istituto Marangoni at the Old Fashion Cafè in Milan, the HXD headphones will be worn by models and models during the fashion show.

The launch of the new headphones, open to the public and press, will be held in Milan on September 20 -in the full Week Moda- at 19.00 in an exceptional as the Old Fashion Cafe. Chosen for the occasion as a partner of international Marangoni Institute, the prestigious school of fashion design and known around the world: the students of the campus of Milan will present their creations. During the parade, and female models wearing the new headphones HXD Panasonic, for a perfect combination of bright colors, trendy and metropolitan style.

The collaboration between Panasonic and Istituto Marangoni is not random but highly sought: both in fact actually share a common vision of design, preferring the stretches and forms features such as elegance, functionality and stylistic innovation. From mere instrument listening headphones are now a true compendium of fashion everyday. The new Panasonic HXD sound quality and new style trends in three unique models, the high technological features: HXD3, HXD5 and -from February 2013- HXD7. Lightweight and ergonomic, characterized by maximum comfort and a minimalist design, the new Panasonic headphones HXD provide crystal clear sound and straightforward in all environmental conditions.

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