Multiple [research] has staged 11 full of magic projects

Multiple searches - Garden of Thought
Multiple searches - Garden of Thought
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MULTIPLE [research]The exhibition concept edited by Patrizia Boscherini (Owner of the brand Douuod Woman / Home) and David Mariani (Owner of the brand at the origin) is a storehouse of experiences and desires come true, designed by the skilled hands of artisans poets.

The ideas, the colors, the shapes mingle with gestures originated from the creativity of 11 brand they love and believe in a design made of intelligent, brilliant and original solutions in which poetry follows a feature never dull. Crossing the threshold of the civic 9 in Piazza XXV Aprile a Milan, the time measured by the common clocks is magically crystallized. To welcome you, the four walls of metaphysical Madame "Room of Thought", a corner of nature skillfully turn, created by landscape designer Silvia Ghirelli with the complicity of the boxwoods Minari Buxus and framed in an installation composed of large blown glass vases by the origin who welcome, protecting them, the crepe paper flowers Andrea MerendiFlowers that we find inside the space in a setting breathtaking. Merendi, in collaboration with the papermaking Rossi, Presents, in this edition of the Fuorisalone, the new color palette: unusual dusty shades and colors Elegant vintage that seem to emerge from old drawers closed for years.

Across the room of thought, to catch the eye is the new line of pillows that the brand the origin launches for the occasion. Made with the technique with which mattresses are made, in fact the padding is in wool, they are made with hemp and linen fabrics from the Balkans and made on a loom in the 50s-60s. They were destined to become sacks for flour and grains but find a new life in the hands of David Mariani, Owner of the mark.

The graceful creatures placed near the staircase, are born from the inspiration that the designer Francesco Ballestrazzi draws from a magical world inhabited by animals, flowers and fairy tales, and that turned into a special capsule collection of his famous hats; in line with the design event, the elements can be used both as accessories that classical lamps as (but not too much), thanks to micro LED luminous inserts.

Is the carpet, in this grassy juncture but achievable with the most diverse materials, Duouod Woman / Home to give the good environment of precious and sophisticated atmosphere almost palpable in the air. Inspired by the old tiles and graphics realized in etched iron becomes the ideal element to furnish both internal and gardens, thanks to the size that can be generous, as in this case.

It is worth climbing the steps of the ancient iron staircase leading to the first floor to have a dell'allestimento overall view and, at the same time, access to that which is revealed a room into an exclusive restaurant, culinary opera stage Badeggs, Teams of young cooks who have staged original dishes prepared by chef Federico Bassi. La mise en place, made with plates and cutlery the origin refer to beautiful times past by creating a special contrast with lamps Cynara of bulb, the latest on the scene of solutions for growing indoors and in confined spaces. Directly from the hands of the best Italian artisans, Cynara combines a hand-painted Faenza terracotta lampshade with an elegant anodized aluminum structure. Very low consumption thanks to the use of latest generation LEDs (7 watts, like the modem of the wifi at home), and the element accompanies the growth of vegetables, aromatic plants, flowers and succulents at home all year round. A lush oasis, definitely full of style. * In this case it is the ornamental / edible plants of Res Naturae, A project born from the idea of ​​two college students of Agricultural Sciences. To top it all ceramic pots Bulzaga, result of a difficult technique of working the ceramic mixture, with which a very thin product is obtained, similar to porcelain. The added value is given by the mold, always made by hand, which gives it a visual and tactile characteristic very similar to the wood grain. The product can be customized in different shades of color, following the needs and requests of each individual customer.

A frame of the event, space, today the brand's showroom STRATEGY ShoesThat in the reality of the 'Milan 800, was a former hardware store and today, in the twenty-first century, is host, stage and co-star of this dream representation, place that accompanies and enriches the exhibition with its skylights, beams to views and floors and a thousand times a thousand paths through the centuries.

Multiple searches - groundfloor

Multiple searches - ground floor

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Multiple searches - Andrea Merendi

Multiple searches - Andrea Merendi

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Multiple searches - At the Origin

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