Moresque, the new collection of lamps Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti

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Moresque, the new collection of suspension and table lamps by Alessandro Zambelli for Seletti.

On display at Maison et Objet, from 23 to 27 January Moresque embodies all the Moorish charm of the Alhambra.

An imposing fortress in the heart of Andalusia, in his hypnotic succession of rooms and courtyards: between stone and flashes of light, arabesques architectural filigree arches and polychrome splendor; all around, the intense fragrance of jasmine blooming in the gardens of the Generalife, and, further, the flashes of light perennially snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada.

In the collection, lighting bodies with compact volumes and strong geometries reveal - tattooed on the surface - patterns of colors and very thin polychrome filigree: along the light diffuser, made of porcelain in the white color variant, slender arabesques with architectural elements alternate, thus , in bands of color with a decisive tone, in a dynamic polychrome succession of stylized lines, in pastel shades of burnt orange, indigo, turquoise, pistachio green and gray.

The project consists of two lines - suspension and table - each declined in 2 variants: the ceiling model is completed with the presence of a rosette with polychrome decorations and measures 19 cm H x 7,6 cm Ø; the desk one measures 20 cm H x 10 cm Ø.

The entire collection includes bulb lamps LED 4 W. Moresque holds within itself the charm and the signs of the past, to open them to the contemporary and put them back together in a new balance of the composition in which the different stylistic components coexist in harmony happy: past and This stop so the role of irreducible antagonists and are transformed, illuminated by a new force capable of enhancing mutually synergistic mix of opposites that characterize them. For a design project that becomes even hope everything contemporary.

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