Modà / Woody, trestle table, preview the furniture fair 2012

Modà / Woody, trestle table, preview the furniture fair 2012 it has been modified: 2012-04-06 di Benedetto Fiori

From raw wood to fluò paints, from the purity of textile fibers to precious marbles, always different but incredibly cool combinations. This is what Modà will preview at the 2012 furniture fair.

Fashion not merely to create a trendy, high-quality product Made in Italy, but he wanted to impress with a real line from the soul A CONVENTIONAL GREEN. Modà Be Green is aimed at an audience that loves the natural taste, the rediscovery of materiality and the desire to create new combinations for a home that best expresses your own personality to a home that is unique.


WOODY trestle table
The new 'CUT SAW' finish of the floor that reveals the track more natural, irregular essence of the wood and its processing, combined with the essentiality of the industrial base in iron, allows to obtain a genuine product with a vintage and gritty . The wood used in this collection come from certified forests, where tree cutting is controlled and authorized to respect and maintain the balance of nature.

dim: l.240xh.74,5xp.102cm / l.270xh.74,5xp.102cm / l.300xh.74,5xp.102cm


At the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan (HALL.7 STAND C26-30) Modà will present a preview of many products A CONVENTIONAL BE GREEN

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