Matiussi Ecologia / "CREATIVE RESOURCES for living with a difference" COMPETITION

MATIUSSI ecology creative competition resurces for living with a difference
Matiussi Ecologia / "CREATIVE RESOURCES for living with a difference" COMPETITION it has been modified: 2011-05-20 di Benedetto Fiori

Mattiussi Ecologia SpA is a leading company in the development and production of innovative solutions dedicated to people and the environment. She has always believed in the importance of design as a tool to raise awareness of the individual and the community on respect for nature, offering the most suitable tools to make it realistic to conceive waste as a new resource. It is from these principles that the company is pleased to present the first international design competition "CREATIVERESOURCES for living with a difference", aimed at

young designers who identify with the adjective “eco-freindly”.
CREATIVE RESOURCES for living with a difference asks young eco-friendly thinking in separate collection of household waste such noble daily act for the creation of new resources.

The goal is to design a new home living product capable of bringing to every home the idea that the creation of resources day after day through separate collection is not only easy, but also fun and extremely rewarding: a workable piece of art, a novelty capable of surprising, anything that can go beyond the present: there are no limits to the imagination.

Participants are asked to imagine a beautiful object, practical and autonomous, it can find its place in every room of the house. An object made from recyclable materials, whose mission will be to convince lepersone to diversify domestic waste thus becoming creators of new resources.

The competition is on an international basis, without any restrictions on nationality. It is aimed at young designers (under 35) who share a strong focus on eco-sustainability and respect for the environment and who want to dedicate their ideas to the development of a greener world.

Participation can take place individually or in groups. In the latter case, although the paternity of the project belongs indiscriminately to all members of the group, it is necessary that the latter indicate a referring member. Participants can submit more than one project, provided they are submitted separately.


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