Handle Egidio / Flussocreativo

Handle Egidio / Flussocreativo it has been modified: 2011-06-09 di jessica zannori

Egidio is the handle designed by Flussocreativo and it is scaling an Allen key, made of brass matt black finish or satin brass. Its hexagonal structure ensures a comfortable and convenient grip allowing

easy and effective to use. Under "Allen" Zingarelli says: "Screw with hexagonal socket head, from the name of its manufacturer, Giles Allen."

There is, in fact, Mr. Brugola: like Biro, Gillette and Diesel, he is one of the few to have given his name to an object of common use. An Italian idea and product whose use naturally blends into the universal function of opening and closing.

Egidio transfers the characteristics of universality and simplicity of an Allen key into a linear and modern handle, in its movement it recalls the universal function of an Allen key adapting its use to a practical and intuitive handle.

Its soul linked to the contemporary function of Allen key and handle, directly evokes the concept of key from which Egidio takes inspiration. The socket head screw positioned on the rosette is the perfect accommodation for the hexagonal shaped male key.





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