Luna, the chandelier hanging by a thread.

Luna, the chandelier hanging by a thread. it has been modified: 2021-06-02 di davidetorta

The Luna chandelier designed by the young Moff studio is made by welding three mirror-polished aluminum circles in order to distort the image of the surrounding environment, with different diameters, from the smallest to the largest.

The weld is made in the same place for all three circles so that they are joined on a single line.
The two larger circles are open, while the smaller one has a cap to balance the weight of the chandelier and for the installation of the lamp holder.

The chandelier is clearly off-axis but is balanced by hidden weights placed above the lamp holder, in order to create an effect of deception that is not easily explained at first sight.
Luna can be made in various sizes, also to create compositions, the greater the diameter and the more accentuated the imbalance effect.

Design: Moff study

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