Luciano Galimberti for Artis. “Emotions to touch”

Luciano Galimberti for Artis. “Emotions to touch” it has been modified: 2023-02-22 di Lorenzo Strona & Partners

Presented during the last Fuorisalone, the "Emotions to touch" project is the result of the encounter between the authoritative creativity of Luciano Galimberti, president of the Association for Industrial Design, in collaboration with the bgpiù design studio, and the production flexibility of ARTIS . A device with a strong technical component, the result of industrial and standardized processes, the mixer, in the context of the contemporary bathroom, intended as a key place in the home dedicated to well-being, needs to be enhanced in its privileged relationship with the user.

"Emotions to touch" stands as a brand new program, able to go beyond the purely functional aspect of the faucet through highly evocative stylistic details. Four proposals for levers with a poetic character, inspired by forms of nature or technology, identify four different design collections.

“Lightly”, “Precisely”, “Sensuale”, “Infinitamente”: the four series are designed to evoke with their peculiar handles different values ​​that express the emotional connection with the faucet. From the delicacy of a butterfly to the meticulous grooved workmanship, from the movement of a soft red dot to the facets of a prism, "Emotions to touch" synthesizes with singular plastic strokes a solid and in-depth technical project with a strong narrative vocation. The new partnership between ARTIS and Galimberti thus enhances the best tradition of made in Italy design, but an end in itself and ideal for personalizing through multiple effect finishes.

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