Lexon: reddot design award 2012 for Buro collection

Gift Company Italy Lexon Buro green
Lexon: reddot design award 2012 for Buro collection it has been modified: 2012-10-09 di Benedetto Fiori

Gift Company Italy is exclusive to Italy marc inter national hi of products with a strong vocation for design, always innovative and trendy.
Lexon, French brand active 20 years, is one of the companies with the strongest connotation design thanks to the constant collaboration with international designers.

Lexon proposes a wide range of technology products from the soul, but sustainable, the result of a fusion between different cultures and sensations. The deep knowledge of the past, but that does not yield to the nostalgia, allows Lexon to relate to the future with emphasis on new forms and solutions, attention to detail and careful research of materials.

To confirm the vocation to design Lexon, even 2012 get the prestigious reddot design award 2012 awarded to designers and Adrian
Jeremy Wright for Buro collection that combines simplicity and innovation and offers a compact set of 7 pieces of tools for work and study, essential on every desk.

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