LAGO P&J, the table with essential shapes designed with a single fluid line

LAGO P & J table
LAGO P & J table
LAGO P&J, the table with essential shapes designed with a single fluid line it has been modified: 2019-02-26 di Benedetto Fiori

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2019, LAGO unveils a preview of the new suspended table built with a single continuous line that plays with symmetry and fluidity.

A single material flow that develops on only two supports: this is the main feature of the new P&J table designed by Daniele Lago and presented on the occasion of the fifty-eighth edition of the Milan International Furniture Fair 2019.

The thin top is characterized by rounded edges and connects harmoniously to the wooden legs placed at opposite ends of the top, thus creating a harmonious and fluid continuous line. The woodworking of the structure and the presence of two imperceptible glass legs placed underneath, in the center of the top, guarantee solidity and resistance, increasing resistance to impacts and impacts. 

The two wooden legs reduce the footprint of the table and amplify the sense of conviviality, creating an original optical effect, able to amaze the guests and convey a feeling of harmonious delicacy. Furthermore, the suggestive sense of suspension, created by subtracting two elements from the optical field, is expressed in the creation of an extremely fluid and coherent wood flow. Available in Haywood and Agewood, the rectangular top can be customized with three different sizes, both in beveled and squared versions.

LAGO P & J table

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