Lake opens its first store in Turin Piedmont

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Lake opens its first store in Turin Piedmont it has been modified: 2015-07-03 di Benedetto Fiori

After the Apartments of Turin and Venaria, opened a few hours in Turin, in via Santa Teresa 15A, the first LAGOSTORE of Piedmont.

A signal that goes against the trend - at a difficult time for the local economy - the one launched by the company, which thus confirms its intention to invest in Piedmont.

Part of the event is a suggestive theatrical performance inspired by Italo Calvino's "Invisible Cities", testifying not only to the strong bond that has always marked the relationship between LAKE and the world of art (the waiting room of the company headquarters is still organized as a permanent art gallery called the Art Waiting Room), but also a tribute to Turin, an underground city by definition, which is also reflected in the setting up of the showroom itself.


The LAGOSTORE consists of a ground floor of about 60sqm plus 16 of mezzanine and a basement of about 100sqm which houses a complete apartment. Among the products on display, the novelties presented at the latest edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan: on the ground floor we find an island kitchen, a New Air bookcase and an Air table in the new finish in wood Wildwood. The new Weightless compositions also stand out, suspended structures that reorganize spaces by exploiting the room's volumes in a completely new way, a large composition LagoLinea, and Et Voilà, one of the most admired products at the last Salone del Mobile, a container system with sliding fabric doors. 

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On the mezzanine a 30mm Weightless closes the space in an evocative way and inside there is a study. In the basement dark colors dominate to evoke the idea of ​​an underground city and - therefore - invisible: the new colors of iron, almond, string, mud and clay, dominate the environment, lit up almost theatrically by bull's eyes and in which the only splashes of color are entrusted to the objects.

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The "spark" between LAGO and Piedmont arose almost two years ago, when the company decided to open one of its "Apartments" in Turin, in via Massena, the cultural-housing project conceived by LAGO which provides for opening to the public of a real apartment, fully furnished with the company's products, in which the owner, called tenant, who lives or works in the apartment, undertakes to periodically organize cultural events of various kinds. 

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The opening of the Turin Apartment, managed by designer Marco Crepaldi, proved to be a success, so much so that LAGO was convinced to inaugurate a second one last year in Venaria, a stone's throw from the Royal Palace, managed by architect Emanuele Franco. After these two happy experiences, LAGO has therefore decided to consolidate its commercial presence in Turin and Piedmont with the opening of a single-brand store.

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“Turin struck us for the enthusiasm with which it immediately welcomed our initiatives - commented Daniele Lago, Head of Design and CEO. It has confirmed to us that it is a lively and vital city, with a strong cultural attitude. For us this aspect is fundamental, because it translates into the ability to grasp the thought underlying the design of objects that are created to improve people's quality of life ".

Photo of Daniel Bottallo

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