The modular mesh of DMA is called Pollock

The modular mesh of DMA is called Pollock it has been modified: 2018-02-03 di designmanuale

Another couple of months to officially decree the arrival of spring: in the meantime the rain, the cold and the strong wind of these days remind us that the road ahead is still long and we will carry it with us for a long time. little'.

This is the moment of the dilemma that afflicts each of us: I dress pretty, already breathing spring air and I take a nice bronchitis (because the most fancy clothes are usually too light, nobody has ever understood why!) Or point to stay a little warm and then I put something heavy, comfortable and preferably shapeless?

We at DesignManuAle have the right solution: it's called Pollock.

Pollock is a flared, warm and thermal insulating fabric in blue / black neoprene, with a unique feature: the sleeves are asymmetrical, one fixed and regular, the other large and removable, available in three contrasting patterns, for a look that is always different from "composing" according to your mood.

Round neck, screwed cut, impeccable and minimal design that does not make a fold (in the true sense of the word), Pollock buy it with two sleeves of your choice packed in a very fashionable satin clutch bag.

Pollock is the right compromise between the desire to be cool and the need not to be too light.


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