Kevin Clem and Rangoni Basilio Design / TATOU, container stool

Tatou stool
Kevin Clem and Rangoni Basilio Design / TATOU, container stool it has been modified: 2012-07-03 di Benedetto Fiori

TATOU is a stackable container stool, It had a special mention at the Young & design 2012 competition.

TATOU is a multifunctional stool with a minimal and current line, which takes its name from a French pun: “T'as tout” which means: “You have everything”; it was designed for better living. Transportable and stackable, it is “at home” everywhere. In private environments (entrance, living room, bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe ...) as in public environments (schools, waiting rooms, shops, bookstores ...). It has a very wide use: seat, container for magazines, books, umbrellas ... coffee table, bedside table, container for clothes or small woodshed next to the fireplace and again, vase ... TATOU is for its user, as a "faithful friend", with the which creates an emotional bond. The stool is made with the most varied materials, to obtain a wide choice of effects and finishes that adapts to any type of modern or stylish environment. Two versions: one for adults and one for children.

Design: Kevin Clem and Rangoni Basilio Design

Tatou 1

Tatou 2

Tatou 3

Tatou 4

Tatou 5

Tatou 6

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